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The Collections of the Sicilian Garden

The Sicilian Botanical Garden, although not holding specific collections of families or particular genera, houses a good deal of native plants of Sicilian flora together with those commonly introduced in the island for cultivation.

The collection of the Sicilian Garden was started a few years after the founding of the Botanical Gardens, when in 1865 the land for planting was donated.

At present, the Sicilian Garden is laid out in parallel narrow rectangular beds, with the aim of grouping the often herbaceous plants by family. But the notable development achieved by various arboreal or shrub species prevents the complete realisation of this scheme over a large part of the surface, due to the effects of shade.

Many of the most interesting Sicilian species are herbaceous, both perennial and annual, and they demand constant care and assistance. Therefore even a year’s negligence may lead to the disappearance of many plants which may well be overcome by nitrophilous and ruderal species.